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Open Letter by GNFC Employees

"We demand the preservation of the independence of the Georgian National Film Center"

"Es Aris Kino" wholeheartedly extends its support and solidarity to the dedicated employees of the GNFC, whose daily efforts are a crucial part of the existence of the Georgian film industry.

On Friday, June 2, a letter was published on the Facebook page of the Georgian National Film Center, which accused and insulted the former director, Gaga Chkheidze. As a consequence, four employees of the film center expressed their dissatisfaction and firmly rejected the organization's statement. June 5, more employees posted an open letter on the GNFC's website, calling for the preservation of the institution's independence. We present the letter below:

"The National Center of Cinematography of Georgia, since its inception, has stood as the sole state institution in Georgia dedicated to the advancement and promotion of Georgian cinema. The National Film Center plays a vital role in funding film production, festivals, educational events, and the distribution of films within and outside the country. Throughout the years, the film center has undertaken significant projects that have contributed to the cultural enrichment of our society, the unrestricted self-expression of artists, and the global recognition of Georgian culture.

Over its 22-year existence, the National Film Center has emerged as the paramount state institution for the Georgian film sector. Its significance lies in the professionalism of its employees, their unwavering passion for Georgian cinema, and their shared vision of positioning our culture at the forefront of the global stage.

In recent years, the reputation of the National Cinematography Center has been tarnished, eroding public trust in its operations. Given the utmost value we place on each individual's opinion, we express our concerns regarding recent developments and call for the preservation of the National Cinematography Center's independence. We demand transparent collaboration between representatives of the film industry and the dedicated staff of the Film Center. Failing to do so may result in the film center's isolation from the public, severed ties with industry professionals, and a loss of honest communication with the audience."


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